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B.S.A is a leading dental supply company in Malaysia and sole distributor of BSA SAKURAI CO.,LTD Japan, one of the fastest growing dental manufacturers in Japan with a promising future. Our main office is located in Puchong, Selangor, Malaysia. We offer a wide range of high quality dental products to meet the growing market demand from vast variety dental health care industries.

With years of experience in supplying high quality dental products, Examination Gloves, Dental Disposable Products, Laboratory Products, and Oral Hygiene products in Malaysia, it's our intention to build strong relationship with our customers.

We place customer satisfaction at the very heart of our business; hence has put a great deal of emphasis on research and development to ensure continual improvement in our product quality and production efficiency. We are committed to maintain high quality control standard to meet TUV, FDA, CE Mark, ISO9001/2000. With the full of confidence, proudly we promote B.S.A. products in Malaysia as an exclusive agent which is managing by USE Electronics (Malaysia) Sdn. Bhd.

In this way, we commit ourselves to provide high quality competitively priced dental product used by Oral Surgeons, Clinics, Periodontists and General Dentists. In Addition, we are selling product through our customized website which is providing valuable information on products, purchasing, payments, and delivery.
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Puritex brand dental products:

Resin Impression Tray - Size L (Code 7855&7856)

Resin Impression Tray - Quadrant Type (Code 7857)

Resin Impression Tray - Anterior Type (Code 7858)

Steri Impression Tray - Size S (Code 7951&7952)

Size S - 50mm (Code 55541)

TMJ Human Skull Model, demonstrates functions of masticator muscles, 2 Part

Steri Impression Tray - Size L (Code 7955&7956)

Size M - 75mm (Code 55542)

Numbered Human Classic Skull Model, 3 Part

Steri Impression Tray - Quadrant Type (Code 7957)

Size L - 100mm (Code 55543)

Numbered Human Classic Skull Model, 3 Part

Steri Impression Tray - Anterior Type (Code 7958)

Size LL - 150mm (Code 55544)

Human Skull Model, with Opened Lower Jaw, 3 Part

Hard Resin Teeth (T3-T6)

Stainless Steel Impression Tray (Code 7821-7826)

Syringe (Code 8801)

Size 3L - 200mm (Code 55545)

Hard Resin Teeth (C3-C6)

Syringe with Double Side Tape (Code 8802)

Size S - 57mmX100mm (Code 5511)

Mini Human Skull Model, 3 part - skullcap, base of skull, mandible

Hard Resin Teeth (SS3-SS6)

Stainless Steel Tray - Single Tooth (Code 7838)

Reel Type (Code 8804)

Size M - 90mmX230mm (Code 5512)

Latex Powder Free Mamma Mia Glove

Skull Model with Teeth for Extraction, 4 Part

Hard Resin Teeth (O3-O6)

Aluminium Impression Tray - Size S (Code 7841&7842)

Size L - 135mmX260mm (Code 5513)

Latex Examination Lightly Powdered Glove

Human Skull Model on Cervical Spine, 4 Part

Hard Resin Teeth (M28)

Aluminium Impression Tray - Size M (Code 7843&7844)

LED Light Cure (Code 8808)

Size LL - 190mmX330mm (Code 5514)

Latex Powder Free Lanolin-E Glove

Beauchene Adult Human Skull Model - Bone Colored Version, 22 Part

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